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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Nancy wins Amnesty International Competition

Huge congratulations to Nancy Cofie (pictured right) in Year 12 for winning the Amnesty International photojournalist competition.


 award winners Stephanie and NancyNancy Cofie (pictured right) in Year 12 won the Upper Secondary and Sixth Form photographer of the year in the Amnesty International Young Reporter of the Year awards.  Congratulations to Stephanie Piedra (pictured left) who was a runner up.


Both girls spent a fantastic day on 30 April for the finals of these awards.  They had a fascinating morning at The Guardian, using their photographs to create a newspaper front page.   This was followed by copious amounts of pizza and an inspiring ceremony at Amnesty headquarters. 


Pictured is left to right Stephanie and Nancy (with her award)..  Another student Rebekah Williams made it to the last ten.


Here are the statements they wrote that accompanied their staged images:  This is her image.

 Nancy's award winning picture of a homeless man.



“People being denied the right to an adequate standard of living is the focus of my work.  One of the most basic human rights is for somewhere safe and stable to live, yet homelessness continues to be one of the worst social problems in Britain today. Why do we see the needs of others who are on the other side of the world but choose to ignore the needs of people right outside our doorstep? We come across people everyday staying in some of the grimmest underground tunnels in London where they are exposed to torture and humiliation. This photograph was taken not only as a reminder of how inhumane it is to allow people to be forced to live in these circumstances but to be grateful for the personal space which I have.  At the end of the day I have a home to come back to, a sense of belonging and a source of security. “


“It is an amazing achievement to have two of our highly talented photography students in the final 3 of the Amnesty Photojournalism competition. Human Rights are so important and relevant to our students, and to be recognised for their creative capabilities in relation to issues that concern them is invaluable”.  Fiona Lucas, the art teacher who oversaw their entries.