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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Meeting the needs of the most able?

YES WE DO!!! ... AND MORE...

As you know The Charter School provides outstanding provision for all pupils, including the most able.    We know that our provision matches any offered by selective or independent schools.   All pupils arriving at The Charter School with 5a in their SATS achieve A*/A grade in English and maths at GCSE.

We identify the most able children before they arrive in Year 7.  Their progress, as of all our young people, is tracked carefully.  This progress is reported six times a year in module reports as well as an Annual report with more detailed feedback.   We use setting appropriately to provide challenging, high quality work.   We provide exceptional curriculum opportunities in areas as diverse as maths and Mandarin.

We consistently challenge our young people to develop their academic confidence and have the highest aspirations for all our students.  The figures speak for themselves.

  • All our gifted and talented cohort gain at least 10A* - A grades at GCSE
  • All our gifted and talented cohort gain at least 3 A grades at A level
  • Pupils leave us to study at the best universities and colleges in the country including Oxford, Cambridge, Royal Veterinary College, medical schools, Royal Academy of Music, RADA and so on….

Click here for more on how we meet the needs of the most able and talented in our school.