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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Charter Challenge Awards

Please click for the full list of Charter Challenge prize winners.

We are really proud to provide details of our first Charter Challenge Award Winners.  Designed and conceived by the More Able and Talented working party headed by Ms Ingall - it provides a fabulous insight into the depth and breadth of study our young people become invovled with.   The overall prizewinner in each year group was chosen by a Year 12 committee of students.


The Charter Challenge Award Winners July 2013


Year winner of IPod Shuffle : Amy Hill

Amy Hill for her Science project. We are very impressed by the quality and depth of her independent research. The presentation of the project was also creative and well presented. We couldn't believe it was a Year 7 piece of work!


Year 7: winner of £10 shopping vouchers

Description of winning piece

Explanation of winning piece


Zoe Henry


Excellent independent and creative work, exceptional observational skills


Ossie Scullard

Poster promoting Oxfam for a group presentation.

Outstanding campaign poster for a group presentation trying to fundraise for Oxfam.


Joseph Helm

Directing skills

Joseph demonstrated superb leadership skills as a director.


Rowan Allen

Book end

High level of wood work skills and creative design


Eva Blair

Creative writing story called 'House upon the Hill'

Outstanding creativity and detailed content


Nellie Blake

Model Volcano

Excellent independent learning skills were required to design and construct a detailed, contoured volcano.


Alice Geoghegan

Emma Betts

Poster about the connection between conflict and geography focusing on France.

Exceptional group work and independent research, brilliant display on History of France


Kitty Ollard

Computer game Go Go's Moon Adventure using Scratch software.

Great creativity and good programming skills


Jawad Ahmed

Independent study for A level Maths

Outstanding effort, perseverance and achievement in undertaking high levels of independent study.


Harvey Scott Pirie

Linguistic skills

GCSE level work on his daily routine, excellent use of connectives and literacy and opinion


Molly Jones

Tessa Doubleday

Kitty Ollard

Amy Hill

Georgia Muraszko

Performance of ‘Let It Be’.

These students diligently prepared a performance of ‘Let It Be’ over the course of a month, coming up to rehearse and refine their work over the course of many lunchtimes and after school sessions.  They performed for the first time, without direction, at the Year 6 parents event after school to rapturous applause.  Their independence as musicians is fantastic to see at such an early stage.  They thoroughly deserve the recognition as extremely talented musicians. 


Roxanne Lacheze Beer
Luke Cottrell

Sports Leadership programme

They have been excellent role models for the primary school pupils. They have been able to show great leadership in running different events in all the festivals that have taken place this year.


Amy Hill

A project analysing IVF

Excellent independent working and GCSE level work!


The Charter Challenge Award Winners July 2013


Year winner of an IPod Shuffle: Anna-Rose McChesney

Anna-Rose should definitely win the overall year prize as her entries across a range of subjects were exceptional. We were particularly impressed by her English project about Macbeth which demonstrated an immense amount of effort, a passion for the subject and a great sense of humour. Her History essay was well researched and convincingly argued. Well done Anna-Rose we think you are going places!         


Year 8 Winners of £10 Shopping Voucher

Description of Piece of work

Explanation of winning piece


Imran Sharifi


Swan origami


Exceptional creativity, originality and perseverance


Phoebe Kaniewska

Alternative Harry Potter cover

Excellent interpretation of a famous novel showing great skill and creativity


Georgia Pienaar                                                   Atiya Moore                                                             Imran Sharifi                                                  Cameron Davidson

Group presentation

They devised and performed an outstanding presentation for their mod 3 assessment in which they had to create a political party campaign.  Excellent teamwork skills.


Cheyenne Walters

Improvisation work

For her excellent devising and improvisation work which demonstrated creativity and independence of thought.


Isabella Robathan

Screen printed bag with an environmental message

A really well thought out design produced on a more than 20 CAD programme. It was printed and made well enough to be marketable.


Louis Twells

Ping Pong Magazine

Excellent independent working, creative and innovative approach to the work


Frankie Fennelly

A poster for the identification of witches for a homework project.

An amazingly creative and original design.


Alex Bottomley

A top down shooter game made in Tame Maker.

Exceptional creativity, independent working, light level programming skills demonstrated


Daniel Abbotts

Tim Breslin

Franckie Fennelly

A mathematical poster to explain how to use statistics

Fantastic team work, creativity and effort,


Louis Forster

Spanish postcard

Excellent use of several time frames and connectives.


Ruby Betts

Flora Cattrell

Kazia Heyda

Yasemin Karasu

Harriet Humberstone Eleanor Verrier


This group of girls were set with the task of writing their own song during a Songwriting Module, and created a full piece with effective verses and choruses. They also worked on their own harmonies, and used guitars and percussion to accompany their performance. This was done with very little teacher input, which makes it all the more impressive!


Daniel Fitzpatrick

Young Sports Leader

Daniel has shown outstanding leadership and assisted in the learning of others in lessons.


Arthur Dobree

Commemorative kite to remember my grandpa after his death

High level work, independent working and creative.
Fantastic demonstration of symbolism.


Hajeera Sama

Poster about food chains

Amazing effort, creativity and a really high level of detail


The Charter Challenge Award Winners July 2013


Year winner (IPod Shuffle): Matthew Frank (9A)




Year 8 Winners of £10 Shopping Voucher

Description of Piece of work

Explanation of winning piece


Armand St Croix

Biro self portrait

Armand’s biro self-portrait demonstrates an exceptional level of skill and experimentation with materials and


Esther Ademeno

Stories for international problems in the world.

Innovative style of presentation and outstanding effort.


Ruby Ukairo Shaw

Role as Greta

For her creative interpretation of her role as Greta in the GCSE Performances


Martyn Stock

Drawstring bag

Beautifully made using computer embroidery and logo design. Very creative.


Imad Guerziz

Assessment essay explaining a design for an eco-friendly house.

An independent project which is detailed and well researched.


Rory Thomas

Significance project on the collapse of the USSR

Outstanding level of analysis and evaluation with extensive independent research.

Matthew Frank

Significance project about Martin Luther King

Excellent level of research and very convincing evaluative argument on the significance of Martin Luther King


Eddie Rayner

Snakes and Ladders game

Independent working, high level programming skills.


Elise Simond

Letter to a pen pal

Excellent use of language in a real life context.


Jonah Grimbly Larrington     

Louiza Charalambous                 Temi Gordons                            Armand Ste Croix                       Brianna Ste Croix                            Joey Harper                                       Sophia El Salahi                                 Eve Wylie

Numerous internal and external performance events.

They have shown themselves to be extremely creative and thoroughly professional.  They are superb role models for other musicians at the school and should be extremely excited about glittering careers ahead, should they so wish.  Well done, thoroughly deserved.


Josh Thomas

Young Sports Leader

Josh has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in lessons and in captaining the cricket side to a semi-final of the Burgess Cup.

Religious Studies and Philosophy

Brianna St Croix  Bhavika Parmar

A project on abuse of women.

Excellent independent research, really well reasoned, interesting range of arguments


Jimmy Burston

Poster about Dulwich Park

Exceptional level of detail. Extremely creative.