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Record Breaking GCSE and A Level results

More record breaking results - this time GCSEs....


A Level - and GCSE -


 gcse success

Huge congratulations to the year 11s and year 13s who collected their results in August.  Our results were much above the national average.  The headlines

  1. 100% of pupils achieved at least 5A*/C  grades with at least 73% including English and maths
  2. 30% of students gained at least 5A*/A grades with 19 students achieving more than 10A*/ A grades
  3. 17% of all A Level students gained at least 3A grades
  4. 60% of all A level grades were A*/ B grades
  5. 97% of pupils gained a place at their chosen place of study

GCSEs – The details…

100% of pupils achieved at least 5A*/C  grades with 72% including English and math. Nearly 30% of all pupils gained five or more A*/A grades while the national figure fell to 21%.  Students have made outstanding progress in maths and English with 100% of students achieving two science qualifications. This was achieved despite confirmation  from Ofqual, the exam watchdog, that the number of passes English, maths and science nationally have fallen and grades in many other subjects have also reduced.  

72% of all students achieved at least 5A* - C grades including English and maths.   90% of all pupils who took the English Baccalaureate subjects gained at least 5A* - C grades.     100% of pupils were successful in gaining A* - C grades in at least five subjects with a stunning  65% of all students achieved at least 5A* – B grades.  

Our drive to ensure excellence at the highest level is the real success story of these results.    19 pupils achieved at least 10A*/A grades with 30% achieving at least five A*/ A grades.   More than two thirds of the all the students gained at least one A grade.    

  • 90% achieved A*/A grade in biology
  • 83% achieved A*/A grade in physics
  • 83% achieved A*/A grade in chemistry
  • 75% achieved A*/A grade in Latin
  • 63% achieved A*/A grade in geography
  • 59% achieved A*/A grade in history
  • 58% achieved A*/A grade in maths applications
  • 48% achieved A*/A grade in art
  • 43% achieved A*/A grade in drama

Every year we celebrate the successes of individual students.  19 students achieved at least 10A*/A grades.  Kemi Akintoye, Ben Allen, Thomas Ap Rees, Finbar Blumler, Simon Brown,  Minnie Cullen- Close,  Maeve Fennelly, Charlotte Flynn, Christian German, Maxim Harding,  Beth Hinton, Amelia Holloway, Samuel Jefia, Rufus Love, Huong Ly, Freya MacDonald, Duncan McGuiness, Millie Milsom and Matthew Proctor.

Commenting on these fantastic results, Simon Williams, Director of Learning (KS4),  “What a pleasure it was to come into school today.  To be able to celebrate these record breaking results is a real highlight of my job.  I am so proud of all the students who have worked so hard to achieve these successes.”

“I am delighted that our focus on the progress of every child in our school has again produced outstanding individual results. The students’ achievements are the result of outstanding classroom teaching, consistent hard work and support from everyone in school.  This has included a wide range of revision sessions after school, at weekends, over the holidays as well as throughout the examination period.   Parents will be delighted:  the changes to the curriculum, the qualifications and the assessment have made this a particularly stressful year.  One again our results are significantly above the national trend.  For students to achieve so well is a cause for real celebration”, concluded Mr Williams.


17% of all students achieved at least 3A grades.  Nearly all subjects had a least a third of their students gaining at A* or A grades.  60% of all grades were A*- B.  The A-E pass rate was 100%.  These results mean 98% of all our young people have secured a place at their chosen University, Conservatoire or Art College.

 Here are the subject highlights:

  1. Biology – 50% of all results were A*/A grade
  2. Chemistry – 35% of all results were A*/A grade
  3. Economics – 57% of all results were A*/A grade
  4. Fine Art – 43% of all results were A*/A grade
  5. History – 21% of all results were A*A grade
  6. Maths – 35% of all results were A*/A grade
  7. Photography – 50% of all results were A*/A grade
  8. Physics – 25% of all results were A*grade
  9. Spanish – 100% of all results were A grade
  10. BTEC (Level 3) in Sports and Leisure – 100% were Distinction* or Distinction

There were outstanding individual performances with 15 students achieving at least 3 A grades – they are….

Foridha Ahmed (2A*/2 A grades), Bea Angier (1A*/2 A grades,  Sophie Catchpole (1A*/2 A grades), Elin Clapton (1A*/2 A grades), Edith Denvir (1A*/2 A grades), Florence Dessau (1A*/2 A grades),  Ewuraba Hama- Lansiquot (2A*/1 A grade), Imran Hussain (3 A grades), Hannah Jeffrey (2A*/1 A grade), Francesca Kurlansky (3A grades), Libby Love (3A* grades),  Jamie Penston-Raja (3 A grades), Caroline Rew (1A*/3 A grades), Zainab Shah (3 A grades) and Maria Valkova (4A* grades).

There were many more students gaining at least 2A*/ A grades at A level or Distinction or Distinction* at Level 3 BTEC. The school achieved significantly more A*/A grades than the national average.

 “Yet another fantastic set of results for our students.  This was achieved by their hard work and dedication, developed by the excellent support they receive from our teaching staff.  Staff  have worked tirelessly to support the students by offering outstanding lessons and a whole array of revision sessions outside of school hours.  These are our best results for the seventh year in a row and these results have allowed 98% of students to progress to their chosen place of study or employment.  This includes the best universities in the land, including Oxford, Bristol and Manchester, medical schools and the Royal Veterinary College.   We have joined an elite group of inclusive schools that significantly out-perform national averages. 

As well as their academic success, they have also played a huge part in the life of the school and the local community and leave us as mature, caring and committed young adults.  We wish them every success”.  Ms Davies, Director of Learning, Post 16.