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Year 12 Croatia Trip 

Year 12 Croatia trip 2016

At half term 20 of our Year 12 business and economics students enjoyed a trip to find out more about how Croatia is working to grow its economy beyond the tourist industry.

You can read Alex Galouzis’ diary of the trip here:

Day 1 –

On arrival in Zagreb in the morning we had a tour of the nearest town, also the old Capital of Croatia, Varaždin. Often referred to by locals as the ‘Small Vienna’ for its baroque architecture, you can still see the bullet holes that pockmark the buildings as a reminder of the countries relatively recent troubles.

Day 2-

We started the day with a trip to Solvis, a solar panel factory. We saw how solar cells are produced, and then talked to the head of the plant about how the business was run. After leaving Solvis we went to relax at a local thermal spring spa, before moving onto a vineyard where we were able to try apple crisps and juices as we discussed the agricultural industry in Croatia.

Day 3-

On Wednesday we were given a tour of the old part of Zagreb where we learnt about its history. We then visited Trakoščan castle (‘Dragon rock’), a medieval castle with stunning views of rural Croatia. The day ended with dinner at a farm were we tried local cuisine and Croatian folk dancing!

Day 4-

A tour of the MIV foundry showed us how water valves and pipes were made, including the process of melting iron in an oven. We were able to speak to the managing director about MIV’s business strategy. We were then lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Varaždin and talk to him about the problems Croatia’s economy faces.