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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Update Jan 2018 - Expanding the Academy Trust

Update on the proposed merger of Dulwich Hamlet Educational Trust and The Charter Schools Educational Trust into one Multi Academy Trust.

Following extensive discussions during 2017, especially, in the Autumn term, the Trustees of the Charter Schools Educational Trust (TCSET) and Dulwich Hamlet Educational Trust (DHET) have decided that, while we share many common values and ambitions for our pupils, it would not currently be in the best interests of the two Charter Schools, Dulwich Hamlet and The Belham to form one merged multi academy trust from September 2018 as originally proposed.

The four schools will continue to seek opportunities for partnership working to benefit both the young people and the staff, and we remain aligned on sharing common values and beliefs, seeking the best possible educational outcomes for those attending our schools.

The Trustees

The Charter Schools Educational Trust and Dulwich Hamlet Educational Trust