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The Charter School

North Dulwich

The Charter School North Dulwich re-accredited as a World Class School

We are delighted to have been re-accredited as a World Class School this month.

Martha Cullen Close and Suliaman Kutubu in Year 12, Alex Harrison-Moore and Stacey Nukpe in Year 10, and Myeisah Harper-Jones, Rhys Webb and Ben Snowden from Year 9 worked over the summer term with Mr Williams to compile the re-accreditation report which had to include evidence to show that The Charter School North Dulwich fulfilled eight competency measures. These included demonstrating that our pupils:

  • Are excellent learners, dedicated to life- long learning because they demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Are inspired, encouraged and their contributions are recognised
  • Benefit from being a member of a school which focuses on their needs by measuring their satisfaction and acting effectively on the results

Students, Aurora Hacker, Stacey Nukpe and Rhys Webb (pictured), accompanied Mr Williams to the World Class School Symposium on the 4th July in Sheffield where they were presented with our new plaque.

Well done to everyone involved.