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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Year 10 mathematicians win ...

Leon and William won a top rated maths competition at Sussex university on Saturday.

Two of our Year 10 accelerated Maths students, William and Leon were taken to Sussex University on Saturday 5 October for a Senior Team Maths Challenge Training event.  The date coincided with the Sussex University Open Day, so there were hundreds (if not a thousand!) people around.  We were delayed in finding the correct location, but our pupils parachuted right into the questions that were given to practice (round 1).


There were 19 other Sixth Formers, several of their teachers (I spoke to 2 teachers without pupils because they couldn’t get pupils to come), and several PGCE Maths Students who were assigned to help at each team table.  Our table had two PGCE Students.


After round 1, one of the lecturers (I think she was a lecturer) from Further Maths Support Programme gave a presentation on strategies to maximise the points in the given time.  Then there was a second round of challenges for practice.  The mini sessions were intense, with very little slack time. There was a 10 minute refreshment break, and then the last round was a ‘mini’ Senior Team Maths Challenge (approx. a half to a  third of the normal length).  Our team had time to spare for some of the questions and also received the bonus points, scoring 89 points out of 92, enough to beat the other five teams!  It was mentioned during the photo-call that we had a significant gap with the second highest scoring team.


We received some resources to use with our gifted pupils and William and Leon received a DVD which hopefully can be shared with the rest of the many gifted Mathematicians in TCS.