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Our Best Ever A Level results....

Amazing performances from Year 13 as they celebrate our best ever results




Please see our Sixth Form Youtube channel to view the Results Day Video:

We are delighted to be celebrating our  best ever A level results, despite a national drop in attainment with 64% of all grades gained being A* - B and increase of 4% points on 2013.   98% of our students have secured their choice of university – including Oxford, Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Warwick and Barnard University in New York or art college.  Additionally, two students – Kit Harris Smith and Francesca Popo have placements on prestigious City apprenticeship schemes. 

A third of all students gained at least 3 A levels with A*- B grades.   There were many more students gaining at least 2A*/A grades or Distinction or Distinction * at Level 3 BTEC.   Our results are considerably ahead of national averages.  12% of all grades were A* against  8% nationally, 32% were A*/ A grades – nationally 26% and the overall pass rate again was 100% against the national average of 98%.

As with every year, there were some exceptional individual performances as Hoagy Cunningham (3A* and 4As) and Brodie Milne (3A*) have both secured places at Oxford to study PPE and physics respectively.  Huw Jones with his 3A* grades and Sophie Camberlain with 2A* and 1A grade will be applying to medical school after a gap years.  Sidney Lynn’s 1A* and 2 A grades take him to Warwick to study mathematics, Elinor Chapman (2A* and 1A) is off to study Spanish and History at Edinburgh  and Jess Bowden’s 3A* will take her to Bristol to study law.  Mehmet Anadol and Adnan both gained three Distinction * each in their Level 3 BTEC qualifications.

Here are the more headline results:

  1. Adnan Gasim – 3 D*s – St Mary’s University, Twickenham – Physical Education and Sport
  2. Ben Amadi – 1A*, 2As – will be applying to med school after a gap year
  3. Brodie Milne – 3A*s –Oxford- Physics
  4. Elinor Chapman – 2A*s, 1A – Edinburgh - History and Spanish
  5. Freddie Gumpert – 2A*s, 1 B- KCL – International Relations
  6. Huw Jones – 3A*s - will be applying to med school after a gap year
  7. James (Hoagy) Cunningham – 3A*s, 4As –Oxford -PPE
  8. Jess Bowden – 3A*s – Bristol – Law
  9. Jessica Campbell – 2As, 1 B – Durham – Psychology
  10. Jonathan Rukundo – 2As, 1B- York – Law
  11. Mehmet Anadol – 3D*s – Kingston College – Performing Arts
  12. Miles Crew – 2A*s, 1 B – Southampton – Maths
  13. Millie McDonald – 2A*s, 1B – Kingston College – Art Foundation
  14. Miranda Jarrett – 1A*, 2As – has secured a place at Barnard university; a prestigious university in Manhattan, NY.
  15. Phoebe Butler – 2A*s, 1A – Leeds – Geology
  16. Rae Howard – 2A*s, 1B – Birmingham – Psychology
  17. Sidney Lynn – 2A*, 1As – Warwick – Mathematics
  18. Sophia Fothergill – 3As – Edinburgh – English Literature and History
  19. Sophie Chamberlain – 1A*, 2As – will be applying to med school after a gap year
  20. Tallulah Harper – 1A*, 3As –Bath -Psychology
  21. Thomas Helm – 3As – will applying to university after a gap year

Here are the subject highlights - % of all results:

  1. Biology – 32% A*, 47% A*/A grades and 73% A* - B grades
  2. Fine Art – 29% A*,  47% A*/A grades and 94% A*-B grades
  3. Spanish – 83% A* - B grades
  4. History – 81% A* - B grades
  5. Sociology – 72% - A* - B grades
  6. EPQ – 57% A* - A grades
  7. Chemistry - 43% A*/ A grades

 “Yet another fantastic set of results for our students.  National predictions were that results would be lower this summer following the removal of modular exams in January, so we are absolutely delighted that our students have produced our best ever set of results,” commented Alexa Davies, Director of Learning Post 16.   “This was achieved by the hard work and dedication of the students, the excellent support they receive from our teaching staff and their families.  Our staff has worked tirelessly to support our students by offering outstanding lessons and a whole array of revision sessions outside of school hours.”

“These are our best results for the eighth year in a row and these results have allowed 98% of students to progress to their chosen place of study or employment.  This includes the best universities in the land, including Oxford, Bristol, Durham and Edinburgh.  We have joined an elite group of inclusive schools that significantly out-perform national averages.” Davies continued.   “In addition to their academic success, they have also played a huge part in the life of our school and local community and leave us as mature, caring and committed young adults.  We wish them every success in their futures,” she concluded.