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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Outstanding A Level results

Outstanding A Level Results - a third of all grades A*/A

The Charter School students again achieve outstanding A Level results

Sixth form students at The Charter School are celebrating their excellent A level and BTEC results. A third (33%) of all students gained at least 3 A levels with A* to B grades.


Despite the national fall in the percentage of students awarded A* and A grades, particularly in science subjects, nearly a third (29%) of all grades achieved at The Charter School were A*/A and nearly two thirds (62%) of all A level grades were A*- B. 95% of BTEC grades achieved were Distinction*/Distinction.

46% of grades achieved in Physics A level were A*/A, with 44% in Chemistry and 67% in Further Maths.

Last year’s results put The Charter School in the top 2% of schools for student progress at A level and it looks as if that achievement is likely to be repeated this year. 61% of all A level and BTEC students achieved at least one A grade or equivalent, and 14% achieved all A grades or higher.

It is expected that the vast majority of students will progress to their first choice of university or college for further study, including Oxford.

There were significant achievements across a range of subjects. A*/A grades were achieved in:Geography (67%), Further Maths (67%), Art (56%), Physics (46%), Chemistry (44%), Economics (43%) and Maths (39%).

There were some exceptional individual performances and many students are heading to the most prestigious universities.

Tom Ap Rees, 3 A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and will study Biological Sciences at Oxford.

Rufus Love, 3 A* grades in English, History and Latin and will study English at Edinburgh.

Beth Turner Wood, 3 A* grades in History, Geography and Politics and will study Politics at Leeds.

Charlie Francis 3 A* grades in Chemistry, Maths and Physics and will study Physics at Bristol.

Charlotte Flynn A* in Maths and Physics and A in Economics and will study Maths and Physics at Manchester

Alex Roy A* Maths and A in Further Maths and Physics and will study Computer Science at Edinburgh.

Amelia Holloway A* in Biology, A grades in Chemistry and Maths, an A* in her Extended Project and aims to study Biological Sciences at Oxford.

Thomas Powell A* grades in Chemistry and Maths and A in Physics,will study Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield.

Minnie Cullen Close A* in History, A in English and A in Economics and Business, will study English at Durham

Simon Brown A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and Physics,will study Maths at Bath

Sima Akter A* in History and Psychology, and A in Government and Politics, will study International Relations at Queen Marys.

Ramell Foster achieved Distinction* in Business BTEC, ICT and Sports and Leisure.

Lorcan Doyle achieved A* in Economics and Business, Distinction* in Business BTEC and in Sports and Leisure BTEC and will study Business Economics at Portsmouth.

The Charter School is an inclusive, state funded school, proud to be recognised as one of the top schools in the country for achievement at both GCSE and A level. Head teacher Christian Hicks says “Students flourish here regardless of their starting points or circumstances, and are encouraged to enjoy their learning. These outstanding A level and BTEC results are due to the responsibility and perseverance shown by all the students and teachers in this flourishing family school, and they deserve to celebrate today”.

A* - B grades were achieved as follows:

Art 100%

Photography 80%

Maths 76%

Chemistry 75%

Geography 75%

English 72%

Physics 69%

Psychology 67%

Biology 64%

History 64%.