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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Friends of the Charter School North Dulwich (FOTCSND): Roles and Responsibilities

Constitution:  This can be found on the website but has necessarily been loosely applied recently. Officially only named committee members have voting rights. The quorum for a significant decision (ie with financial implications) is 2 officers and 2 other voting members (ie named committee members).

Role of the Chair:  Lead FOTCSND, working closely with secretaries, committee and school staff. Manage decision making process, consulting where necessary with casting vote.

  1. Meetings
    • Agree dates & venue for meetings/AGM & ensure communicated to the Friends and wider school community
    • Draw up meeting agendas, consulting where necessary
    • Chair meeting
    • Sign off minutes of meetings before they are sent out, email with all relevant messages
  2. Events:
    1. Help organise / run events
    2. Support other volunteers taking on events (e.g. over practical issues, recruiting volunteers etc avoid re-inventing the wheel)
  3. Finances
    • Liaise with the Treasurer over FOTCSND finances including reimbursement of expenses, payments to the school
    • Account signatory
  4. Membership
    • Work with secretaries / committee to extend membership and active participation in the friends
    • Ensure information flows to membership and wider school community as efficiently as possible
  5. Liaison with TCS
  • Meet Head Teacher regularly 
  • Main point of liaison between Friends/TCS 
  • Agree dates, ensure they are on the school calendar,  alert FOTCSND to any potential clashes 
  • Communicate with / facilitate communication between FOTCSND and Staff /Headship over proposed events/projects 
  • Ensure that the  FOTCSND pages on the school website including meeting minutes are updated

Secretarial Role: Support the Chair in running FOTCSND

  1. Meetings:
    • Circulate agenda to the mailing list together with relevant information/appeals a week in advance
    • Take and write up minutes
    • Circulate signed off minutes to the mailing list (including key requests for support etc)
  2. Liaison with TCS
    • Liaise with TCS to obtain new Year 7 emails every September to add to the mailing list
    • Liaise with Chair to get comms out to new Year 7 parents at start of school year
    • Organise ‘Thank Yous’ for relevant staff after the Xmas Fair and at the end of the year
  3. Membership:
    • Maintain and extend FOTCSND mailing list and smaller ‘group’ lists
    • Ensure that everyone is kept informed through FOTCSND communication channels
    • Maintain confidentiality on contact details – eg BCC large group emails
  4. General admin
    • Regularly check Friends email account and ensure relevant people kept informed
    • Membership of PTA UK (source of useful information/free advice/free insurance) Maintain membership and monitor changes in insurance cover esp in relation to events/Xmas fair
    • Organise licensing for events (raffle/alcohol)

Treasurer Manages the finances of FOTCSND

  1. Day-to-day management of accounts, including issuing bills and receipts on behalf of the Friends and making payments
  2. Ensure relevant paperwork is collected to evidence spend
  3. Complete banking transactions on a regular basis
  4. Organise floats for fundraising events, count and lodge money raised
  5. Reconcile monies raised at these events and report totals raised to the appropriate stakeholders
  6. Prepare and report financial statements at Friends Meetings,
  7. Prepare a Financial Report for the Annual General Meeting to show how funds have been allocated
  8. Prepare annual accounts for submission to Companies House
  9. Update Companies House information as necessary as Trustees change
  10. Update charity registration and Gift Aid
  11. Work with other officers and designated working groups to maintain an overview of fundraising activity/grant, applications/sponsorship which impacts on Friends financial position.

Wider Committee Members and Supporters : Commit to making a practical contribution to the running of FOTCSND and its activities. Working as sub group with help/ support from core committee. Note:  not all these roles are currently filled

  1. Undertake to attend monthly meetings wherever possible
  2. Work with other members and volunteers to provide proactive practical support to the FOTCSND 
  3. Communications team (overseen by Chair/ Secretary)
    • PR
    • Sponsorship liaison - existing sponsors (i.e. Hamptons)
    • Manage Twitter feed, share relevant information and build relationships with community
    • Facebook group (manage and oversee administrators)
    • Facebook page (promoting FOTCSND externally/ building relationships)
    • Noticeboard (ensuring up to date)
  4. Fundraising, Grants and Bids team (overseen by Treasurer/ Chair)
    • Identifying opportunities for bids and grants and liaising with school to obtain them
    • Identifying new sponsorship opportunities
    • Managing Easyfundraising & Just Giving Appeals
  5. Events team (overseen by Secretary/ Chair)
    • Xmas fair coordinator (NB not required 2020-2021)
    • Big events co ordinator (Quiz)
    • Bar team - running and co ordinating volunteers to run bar at events where requested
    • Bar/ snacks stocking
  6. Gardening and Outside taskforce
    • Gardening taskforce co ordinator
    • Garden Oasis co ordinator
  7. Year 7 welcome team
    • organising communications to potential and new yr 7 parents
    • promoting and providing second hand uniform service
    • Organising yr 7 welcome events
  8. Second Hand Uniform sales
  9. Year reps
    • organising drinks/ building relationships with parents via year groups
  10. Independent account examiner to check Friends accounts before submission