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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Constitution of The Friends of The Charter School North Dulwich (June 2002)

1. The name of the organisation shall be The Friends of The Charter School North Dulwich (the Friends).

2. The aim of the Friends is to advance the education of the pupils of The Charter School North Dulwich (the School). In furtherance of this aim the Friends may:

  • Engage in activities which support the School and the local community in particular with other local schools;
  • Provide and assist in the provision of facilities for education at the School which are not normally provided by the Local Education Authority;
  • Provide practical support for the work of the Governors of the School in promoting and publicising the School, its achievements and activitiesThe Friends shall be a voluntary non-party political and non-sectarian body. 

3. Membership shall be open, free of charge to all parents of school pupils and employees of the School. All other organisations and individuals who are committed to promoting the aims of the Friends may be admitted to membership at the discretion of the committee on payment of an annual subscription of £5 or such other subscription as shall be determined at an Annual General Meeting of the Friends (AGM).

4. The officers of the Friends elected by the members shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The Vice-Chair should be one of the Schools’ Leadership Team (SLT).

5. The committee of the Friends shall comprise the 4 officers and up to 15 additional voting members. Representation of the committee shall include 1 Staff Representative (Head of External Affairs).

6. The remaining voting committee members will be elected in accordance with paragraphs 8 and 9 below. The committee may from time to time co-ops other members (who shall be non-voting) to assist them in the performance of their duties.

7. Nominations for officers and committee members shall be proposed by members and should have the consent of the nominees. The nominees should include at least 1 representative of each year group in the School. The secretary should receive nominations at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the AGM. All nominees should countersign their nomination and must be a member of the Friends.

8. The committee of the Friends shall be elected at the AGM from the membership in attendance and shall serve until the next AGM when they shall be eligible for re-election subject to serving a maximum of three consecutive terms of office (except the Vice-Chair, and Staff Representative).

9. The committee shall take decisions to further the aims of the Friends and undertakes to report to the members through a newsletter at least once a term.

10. For meetings of the committee a quorum shall be 3 officers and 2 other voting members.

11. A committee member may be deemed by the committee to have resigned by failing to attend 3 consecutive committee meetings. Communication about failure to attend shall be deemed as attendance on two occasions only.

12. A committee may set up and authorise sub-committees and working groups to make recommendations.

13. Formal committee meetings shall be help at least once each term. Notice shall be given to all members of the Friends at least seven days in advance. All members of the Friends shall be entitled to attend committee meetings but not to vote. Members who are not members of the committee shall be entitled to speak only at the discretion of the Chair of the Meeting.

14. Minutes of the committee meetings shall be circulated to all the committee members, the observers who attended the meeting, to the Head teacher of the School and a copy shall be provided to any other member on request.

15. The AGM shall beheld in the Autumn Term on 14 days noticed to the members. At the AGM, the Chair and appropriate members shall present a report on the previous year’s activities. The Treasurer shall present the accounts. The Chair shall then conduct the election of the new committee.

16. A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called at the written request of a minimum of 10 members of the Friends.

17. 14 days notice shall be given of a SGM to all members of the Friends.

18. The monies of the Friends shall be held in a bank account in the name of the Friends. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure. Withdrawals shall be made in the name of the Friends on the signature of any two officers. The committee shall appoint an honorary auditor who must not be a committee member and who need not be a member of the Friends.

19. The financial year shall end on 31 July.

20. Subject to the following provision of this Clause the Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting. The notice of the general meeting must include notice of the resolution setting out the terms of the alteration proposed. No amendments of alterations shall be made without the prior written permission of the Charity Commission to clauses 1, 2, 21 or 22 and no alteration shall be made which could cause the Association to cease to be a charity in law.

21. The Friends may be dissolved by a resolution presented at an SGM called for this purpose. The resolution must have the assent of two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote. Such resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets remaining after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities. These assets shall not be distributed among the members but will be given to the School for the benefit of the pupils of the School or in the event of a school closure, to the School to which the majority of children of the closing School will go, in any manner which is exclusively charitable in law. If effect cannot be given to this provision then the assets can be given to some other charitable purpose.

22. All other questions requiring a vote either at AGM or at SGM or at a committee meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. The Chair of the meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of there being no clear majority.

23. For AGMs and SGMs the quorum shall consist of one-third of the total membership of the Friends or 25 members, whichever is the lesser.

Adopted this 17th day of June 2002.