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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Our Vision

All students will develop the knowledge, skills and character so that they can be happy in life, and be successful in higher education or the inspiring career pathway of their choice.

Our Values

We believe that all our young people have the potential to achieve in school and succeed in life. We are committed to our pursuit of the highest standards possible in education and we are united in our determination that all students will excel regardless of their starting points or personal circumstances.

We want all our students to flourish and to become creative, confident and caring citizens who are happy in themselves, excited about learning, and ambitious for success. They will leave us ready to participate fully in our democratic society and prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

We aim to help all students increase their knowledge, skills, aptitudes and abilities to:

Develop a culture of excellence

  • Be the best you can be in everything you do
  • Strive to exceed all expectations inside and outside the classroom.
  • Allowing no excuses
  • Be ambitious for the future

Develop a culture of responsibility

  • Take responsibility for your own learning and behaviour
  • Engage fully in lessons
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Work to change your school, local and global communities for the better.

Develop a culture of perseverance

- Work hard: remember that effort is the key to success

- Keep trying even when you find things difficult.

- Enjoy difficult challenges

- Be resilient and maintain a growth mindset at all times.

Develop a culture of family

  • Respect yourself, other people and the school environment
  • Care for and support each other
  • Follow the rules
  • Value diversity and difference.

The Purpose of the School Curriculum

The curriculum at The Charter School lies at the core of school activity. Every pupil and student is entitled to a curriculum that is rich and varied, challenging and inspiring which enables every individual to achieve to achieve her or his potential to the highest possible standard; so that all, for the benefit of all, are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.

We believe that all our students are entitled to access our subject-centred curriculum, which offers a broad and balanced range of courses, and to maximise use of our wide range of facilities. We hone this provision to best meet individual needs where appropriate. Particular care is taken over key transition phases including: primary/secondary transition; KS3 to KS4; and KS4 to KS5 to enable students to achieve successfully.

  • Year 7-11 students have 25 hours of lessons per week. This enables the Charter curriculum to be broad, balanced and enables students to study subjects in greater depth where possible.
  • There are a large number of additional enrichment activities available for all students every week. These sessions extend and reinforce learning for some students, whilst giving other the opportunity to have experiences not available during the main school day.
  • At KS3 we believe in continuity, with students taught within their tutor group for a large number of their subjects or in smaller all-ability groups.
  • Students are set by academic ability in Maths from year 7 and in English from Year 9.

Our full curriculum statement can be downloaded and viewed below