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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Pupils will study a wide range of topics and genres, including Storytelling, Physical Theatre, Devising and Shakespeare. Throughout Year 7, they will learn how to create ideas from a stimulus, perform a script and how to use space to communicate ideas. They will also learn briefly about the role of set, costume and props. Students will develop a variety vocal and physical skills and a practical knowledge of important drama techniques and rehearsal strategies such as still image, conscience alley, flashback, hot seating and narration. The study of different types of character and on characterisation as a process is given major focus in Year 7 as well as on the development of key group skills and drama terminology. In the final term, we explore a famous musical, giving students a chance to also understand original performance conditions and the cultural impact of theatre in society.

Throughout the year, pupils work to develop a wide range of important career skills – listening, trust, negotiation, analysis, communication and empathy. To strengthen these skills, they will work in a wide variety of groupings – solo, pairs, small groups and as a whole class. Students are encouraged to take part in our weekly drama club and to enrich their weekly drama lessons by accessing signposted digital theatre services and activities. There are also various drama competitions to be part of and lunchtime workshops to attend, as well as the yearly whole school production which usually takes place in the summer term.

Please click the link below to access your Drama lesson:

Drama Virtual Lesson