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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Examination Results Day Arrangements 2021

Arrangements for Collection of Examination Results Summer 2021

Results will be released for each cohort on two specific days:

  • A Level results are published on Tuesday 10th August 2021 from 8:30am
  • GCSE and equivalent results are published on Thursday 12th August 2021 from 8:30am

Arrangements for Year 13 Students — Tuesday 10th August 2021

A level, BTEC, AS level and EPQ results will be emailed to your son/daughter's school email address at 8:30am on Tuesday 10th August 2021 

If your son/daughter does not receive an email, they should email Ms Hallinan on  and she will re-send the results. 

Year 13 students have the option of coming in to collect a print out of their emailed results and their yearbook from 9:00am school will close to students at 12PM.

Students can also come in if they can see from UCAS track that they have not been accepted by their firm or insurance university choice, have been placed in clearing and need urgent support from the Sixth Form team.

If any student who is currently quarantining needs support with the clearing process, they should call Ms Fletcher or Ms Lucas via TEAMS and we will ensure that they get the help that they need.  We will also put in place arrangements so that quarantining students can pick up their yearbook and formal print out of results another time, so students need not worry about that.

Arrangements for Year 11 Students  Thursday 12th August 2021

GCSE and BTEC results will be emailed to your son/daughter's school email address at 8am on Thursday 12th August 2021. Please do not come into school 

If your son/daughter does not receive an email, they should email Fiona Hallinan on and she will re-send the results. 

For existing TCSND students who have been offered places in The Charter School North Dulwich 6th Form for September they will have been sent an individual appointment time to meet staff in school to discuss their progression.

External applicants have been sent a specific timeslot to attend the school on Thursday 20 August with proof of their GCSE results.

If any students have not received this information, they must email the sixth form administrator on as soon as possible

On both 10th and 12th August 2021, school staff will be on hand to assist and support students with any questions or concerns they might have regarding their results and the next steps that they can take. 

Specific information regarding post examination processes can be viewed in the PDFs below. Please email if you have any questions about these.


GCSE, A Level and Vocational Qualification Results Appeals process

We have been asked by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) to make our appeals process transparent and accessible and have therefore laid out the steps in this letter. This information has already been shared but we wanted to remind you of the process.

Once your child has received their results, if they wish to appeal the final grade in any subject, the process is below. We have been asked to make it clear that the grade can go down as well as up.

We also need to make you aware that students will have the opportunity to sit all GCSEs and A-levels in the autumn. If your child would like to sit an exam in a subject that they received a school assessed grade for in August, please complete the form at the end of this document (form A) and send to


Students are able to appeal a grade on the following grounds:

  • Administrative error – you think the school has submitted the incorrect grade.
  • Procedural error- you think the school did not follow our process correctly.
  • Error of academic judgement – you do not think the grade submitted reflects a reasonable judgement on either the evidence that was used, or the grade arrived at.

Stage 1 Appeals – Centre Review

All appeals will first be processed as a centre review. Students can ask the school to check whether it made a procedural error, an administrative error, or both. The form to request this is at the end of the document (form B) and should be sent to

  • A procedural error means a failure to follow the process set out in the centre policy.
  • An administrative error means an error in recording your grade or submitting your grade to the awarding organisation.

You must request a centre review before you can request an awarding organisation appeal. This is so the awarding organisation is certain that your grade is as the centre intended.

Stage 2 Appeals – Awarding Organisation Review

Following the outcome of centre review, students can choose to take forward an appeal to the exam board(s), which we will do on their behalf. The form to do this is at the end of this document (form C)

Students can ask the awarding organisation to check whether the centre made a procedural or administrative error - or whether the awarding organisation itself made an administrative error. Students can also ask the awarding organisation to check whether the academic judgement of the centre was unreasonable, either in the selection of evidence or the determination of your grade.

Please note that at any stage of the appeals process a student’s grade(s) could go up or down. If the appeal process decides that the submitted grade was too high, students will not be able to keep the higher grade. We will require students to sign a declaration saying that they understand this before they submit an appeal.

Priority appeals - dates

If a students place at a higher education institution (university) is dependent on the outcome of the appeal they are eligible for a priority appeal. Students should submit a request for a centre review by 16 August 2021. If they then wish to submit an awarding organisation appeal, this needs to be completed by 23 August 2021. Priority appeals that are submitted to the awarding organisation after 23 August 2021 will still be treated as a priority, but they may not be completed in time for students to access their place at a higher education institution.

All other appeals - dates

Students need to submit a request for a centre review by 3 September 2021 for non-priority appeals. Once students have received the outcome of their centre review, if they wish to request an awarding organisation appeal they should do so by 17 September 2021.


We hope this process is clear but if there are any questions please send them to