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The Charter School

North Dulwich

House System

Our House system was created to encourage teamwork, cohesion and leadership across the year groups and to reward students who engage in all aspects of school life. The main objective of the House System is to provide and support the following: 

  • To promote the school values throughout the school and in school competitions   

  • To build on the school community, to give all students a sense of belonging immediately when they join The Charter School North Dulwich   

  • Providing students the opportunities of developing leadership skills and develop the importance of teamwork   

  • To encourage student participation in a range of organised friendly competitions and events with pride. 

There are six houses: King House (Red), Pankhurst House (Blue), Frank House (Green), Seacole House (Yellow), Turing House (Black) and Mandela House (White).  

Each house has two-House Competition Leaders from each year group. During the school year, they work alongside with the House System Coordinator to run various events and competitions that the students can compete in. We believe this teaches the students about healthy competition as well as the correct way to win and lose. It also reinforces teamwork, rules and social skills and widens students’ engagement in school life. 

Please click on our houses below to see the House Flags and the names of our House Competition Leaders.  

current house points data

House Points - 2020-21 Week 12 Whole School Cumulative

House Points - 2021 Week 37 Whole School This Week