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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Meeting the needs of the more able

We are delighted to welcome you to the section that outlines our provision for our most able students.  A range of additional activities and events are organised both in school but also by external providers.  Some external providers do charge for some events - so families can choose if they wish to participate.

Any questions please email either:

Eleanor Baker (MA&T co-ordinator)  or

There is a leaflet below which gives a brief oversight into how we support this cohort.

Meeting the needs of the more able.

We are very proud of our record in meeting the needs of our more able students.  

Our support for this cohort begins in year 7 and continues right through to year 13 where many will apply to Oxbridge colleges, medical schools, music conservatoires and leading art colleges.  Support includes fast tracking in some subjects particularly maths, but offering Mandarin and Latin, as well as a range of specially designed events both in school and beyond.

We are a national leader in identifying and challenging our more able pupils.  We use a variety of different indicators to establish the cohort.  Particularly important is the input of teaching staff.  This means that each subject area will have a named list of pupils who excel or should excel in that subject and will be challenged accordingly. It is also important to recognise that we review the lists regularly so different pupils at different times will benefit from the programme.

Catering to the needs of the more able is a high priority at The Charter School North Dulwich.  However we also provide a full range of opportunities, trips and programmes for all learners at the school and we are particularly proud of the wide range of such opportunities for pupils who have an excellent engagement in learning. 

We run the Charter Challenge Award every year.  This allows all pupils to nominate a piece of work or study that they are particularly proud of.  This allows us to celebrate excellence across as a wide a range of our pupils as possible.