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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Modern Foreign Languages

Pupils will begin to understand, speak, read and write in French or Spanish. French or Spanish is allocated based on prior learning in Primary school or parental choice, and will remain the same during their time at The Charter School North Dulwich. This allows students to make further progress faster. They will become familiar with sounds, written forms and key grammar, and use this knowledge with increasing confidence and competence to express themselves in role-plays, conversations and writing. They will improve their understanding of the language by listening to people talking about a range of different subjects and by using a variety of forms of writing.

Topics explored during Year 7 include introductions, school, free time, family and home, and food. Using material from a range of French or Spanish speaking countries, students also increase their cultural awareness.

On top of French/Spanish, a number of pupils will be selected to study Mandarin (Year 7 onwards), based on their prior overall achievement in Primary (limited places will also be saved for students who did not qualify but are very keen to study Mandarin, please contact the school early in September to register interest.)

At the end of Year 7, any pupils can opt in to study Latin in Year 8. This also takes place on top of the regular timetable. Pupils can study up to 3 language courses simultaneously: French/Spanish (compulsory to all) + Mandarin (compulsory to some) + Latin (optional), all the way to GCSE.

Please use the links below to access your French and Spanish virtual lessons:

French Virtual Lesson

Spanish Virtual Lesson