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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Ofsted Report 2009

The Charter School North Dulwich underwent its third Ofsted inspection in November 2009. The inspectors classed the school as 'outstanding' - the highest grading - for the second time. 

You can access the report via the Ofsted website or download the PDF of the report below:

Link to Ofsted website

Here are some of the headline quotes:

“The Charter School is an outstanding school and extremely harmonious school that cares exceptionally well for its students.”...

“The effectiveness of care, guidance and support is outstanding; the attention to the needs of individuals is an absolute strength of the school.”

“There is a powerful culture of continuous improvement in the school, driven by the headteacher, the school’s senior leadership team and the governing body; students, parents and carers and teachers report that the school has improved year on year.”

“Behaviour is very good and often outstanding.”

“An outstanding curriculum ensures that individual needs are met exceptionally well.”


“The foundation and pathways curriculum in Key Stage 4 is exemplary in meeting the needs of individuals and groups of students.”

“Diversity is valued highly.”

“The school’s exemplary monitoring and analysis of students’ achievements, attitudes to learning and attendance are used to target highly effective interventions.”

“The school has outstanding capacity to sustain further improvement.”

“The extent to which students feel safe is very high”.

“Students’ contributions to many aspects of the school contribute significantly to its inclusive nature and impressive harmonious environment.”

“The strength of the leadership provided by the headteacher, supported by the school’s senior leadership team, is a key element in the school’s improvement and its outstanding features.”

“The leadership and management of the 6 form are outstanding.”

“The inclusive culture and ethos of the school extend beyond its gates and result in outstanding promotion of community cohesion ; in many ways the school is at the heart of the local community.”