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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Reporting systems

All absences or appointments must be reported to the Sixth Form Administrator, Ms Hallinan, at or 020 7346 6617.

The school cannot authorise any absence for holiday or family trips during term time.

If a student is absent for more than 4 days due to illness, a doctor's note must be provided.

We employ three systems to help report to parents.

  1. Daily Attendance Texts - Each student's attendance is checked daily, parents will receive a text message if their child has missed any lessons or tutor period without reporting the absence.
  2. Module report – every Module (half term) the students’ attainment and engagement in learning is assessed and this is reported to students in a report on the first day back after a holiday. Parents receive a text message to indicate that their child is now in receipt of this report.
  3. The Cause For Concern System (CFC)– is a system designed to support students who need to improve. Students who might go on the CFC system are those who are persistently late, fail to complete all work to deadlines, do not co-operate with staff instructions, behave inappropriately or who do not produce work appropriate to their target grade. The CFC System facilitates communication between subject teachers, students, parents and the pastoral team.