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The Charter School

North Dulwich


Year 7 Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of our physical and natural world through observation, experiment and analysis. During Year 7, students will cover topics from biology, chemistry and physics, as well as developing their scientific literacy and numeracy skills, building on concepts and skills they have learnt in primary school. Pupils will study fundamental concepts about our Universe, such as the cellular structure of living organisms, particulate nature of matter and the relevance of energy conservation. Specific modular topics covered will include Cells, Variation, Particles, Chemical Reactions, Energy and Forces.

Pupils will use practical equipment and apparatus during science lessons to support their learning and understanding, as well as developing a range of methods to solve practical problems. In addition, students will be encouraged to consider the work of scientists and analyse data to make judgements consistent with evidence, giving them the opportunity to further develop ideas about applications of science.

Please use the link below to access your virtual Science lesson:

Virtual Science Lesson