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The Charter School

North Dulwich

The Governing Body and The Trust



NAME                                             Term of Office


Elizabeth Brown ( Chair)            30.09.15-29.09.19


Amanda King      ( Vice Chair)    20.09.18-19.09.19


Sam Jaffa                                       22.09.16-21.09.20


Sue Tibballs                                  12.07.16-11.07.20


Thecla Schreuders                       12.07.16-11.07.20


Paul Koloi                                      22.09.16-21.09.20



Ex Officio

Christian Hicks (Headteacher)  01.09.13


 Andrew Somerville                    07.10.16-06.10.20 


Tao Henderson                            20.10.17-19.10.21


Raising Matters with the school 

If  you have any matters that you wish to raise with the school our Complaints and Concerns Policy details how to do this. 
You can also write to the Chair of Governors at:
Elizabeth Brown, Chair of Governors, The Charter School North Dulwich, Red Post Hill, London SE24 9JH at the school address:


The Charter School North Dulwich is part of The Charter Schools Educational Trust. Registered Office: Red Post Hill, London SE24 9JH. Tel: 020 7346 6600 Email: 


Privacy Notice 

It is a legal requirement to inform individuals with whom their data is being shared.  This is done through a 'privacy notice' , details of this are below.

Annual Report and Financial Statements  

Available for you to download and view below -  signed copies are  kept at the registered address./

The Charter Schools Educational Trust  is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales.
Company No 07338707 Registered Office: Red Post Hill, London SE24 9JH