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The Charter School

North Dulwich

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TCSND Sixth Form qualification provision and rationale

This page is identified in all UCAS references so that an accurate understanding of the school's policies and expectations is clear to universities’ admissions tutors.

The Charter School North Dulwich (TCSND) is a coeducational, non-selective academy in the London Borough of Southwark. The school's intake is from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds with a significant proportion from disadvantaged circumstances.

Approximately two thirds of our students continue into the sixth form at TCSND following their GCSE examinations, whilst one third arrive from a range of schools across South London.

Our A level predictions are based on performance and progress throughout Year 12, including but not limited to, the internal examinations for linear subjects, BTEC modular examinations and any AS Level examinations taken.

Please refer to the applicant’s school reference for further information.

The following information is relevant to the Year 13 cohort who will leave school in summer 2020:

TCSND offers mainly A Levels in the Sixth Form, but also the BTEC National Extended Certificate in four subjects.

Students study three or four Level 3 qualifications, with the majority studying three. In addition, some students opt to study the Extended Project Qualification.

A small number of students choose to study an AS Level alongside three A Levels in order to maintain breadth in their course of study. AS exams are only offered in mathematics (including further mathematics), the sciences (including psychology) and modern foreign languages. These AS exams are generally sat at the end of Year 12, but some students choose to sit theirs at the end of Year 13 in conjunction with their other Level 3 qualifications.

Our students sat internal exams in June of Year 12, which were set and marked at a level at least as demanding as AS level.

The following information is relevant to the Year 13 cohort who left in 2019:

For 2019 leavers, the programme of study was the same as that described above for 2020 leavers.