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The Charter School

North Dulwich

Updating Contact Information & Raising a complaint or concern

Change of Contact Information

It is very important that the contact information we hold with respect to your child is always up to date as we regularly send out text messages, emails and letters with important information about your child and school.

If any of the contact information relating to your child has changed please update it as soon as possible by following the relevant link below and completing the form.

Change of Information for Years 7 to 11

Change of Information for Years 12 and 13


Raising a concern

We take any concerns and complaints about the school very seriously. If you would like to raise a concern or have a specific complaint about any matter relating to the school please see our Complaints and Concerns policy below which gives you full information on how to raise any such matters and what you can expect from the school in response.

The policy includes information and advice on raising a concern, the process that the school will follow in responding to concerns and complaints as well as an information form which can be used to provide the school with information that will help us to process the issue(s) raised.