November Mock Exam Timetable

All exams are in the Sports Hall (unless otherwise indicated). Withdrawal Room – 044.


Information for students, parents and carers:

Please find attached the exam timetable for the Year 11 Mocks. You will also receive a printed version of the timetable in tutor groups shortly. Please check the timetable so you are familiar with it, and keep a copy somewhere handy. You are expected to be present in school as normal on days when you do not have exams, and should be present outside of your allocated exam room at least 10 minutes prior to its start time.

Most exams will take place in the Sports Hall (unless indicated otherwise on the timetable). Students who have withdrawal, as part of their agreed access arrangements, will be in 044 (for exams scheduled in Sports Hall only), or working with an allocated member of the SEND department. Students who have an exam timetable clash have been allocated a different time to sit their exam, usually on the same day.

All students are expected to bring their own equipment. This is the candidates responsibility, and it may disadvantage you if you do not have the correct materials. Students should contact their subject teacher if they are unsure of the materials they need for an exam.

All water bottles, rulers and pencil cases need to be transparent, and where calculators are permissible, lids must be removed. Mobile phones must be switched off and powered down. No watches or electronic devices are permitted, unless part of agreed access arrangements (e.g. medical need). Nothing should be in students' pockets, and no notes are permitted. Students may bring bags with them on the day, but these will need to be placed according to invigilators instructions and not taken to tables.

Official guidance is available here:

Unauthorised items poster:

Warning to Candidates poster:

Information for candidates: file:///N:/IFC-Written_Examinations_Sep2023_FINAL.pdf

Again, it is the candidate's responsibility to ensure they comply with these regulations.

If you have any queries, please contact subject leaders or form tutors in the the first instance. Good luck and happy revising!

Exam information and support for students, parents and carers offers additional information, and is available to download at the foot of this page.

Developing Effective Revision Strategies - Student Guide

This guide offers information on developing good revision practice, and is available to download at the foot of this page.

GCSE/A-Level Exams Remark 2023

The window for Post Result Services relating to The 2023 Summer Exam Series is now closed.

If you would like a particular exam remarked for 2023, please see the below table to view which exam boards your exams were with. In order to request a remark, please log in to Parent Pay and navigate to the exam board of your subject exam.

Like all examination centres, the Charter School North Dulwich must abide by the guidelines set by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). The JCQ oversee all qualifications in England, and you can find links to key information for students from the JCQ below:

JCQ Website: Home - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

JCQ Information for candidates: Information for candidates documents - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Additionally, we have produced a booklet for students, and parents and carers which has been produced to support with preparation for any exams (real or practice) taken at The Charter School North Dulwich. We want to be sure that students and parents and carers are familiar with procedures and processes and this document also includes a frequently asked questions section.

Good luck everyone!