Behaviour at Charter

We are a family school because we are large enough to provide a dynamic, challenging curriculum yet small enough to pay attention to the needs of every child. We know that each child is different and each child deserves success.

Like every family, we have rules and routines and we have high expectations for each child. Visitors often comment on our happy school where students are well behaved.  You can download our 'Positive discipline' policy (see below).

We expect our students to:

Work Hard

  • Work well as an individual and in groups or teams, to enable everyone to achieve and exceed expectations
  • Take part in extra-curricular opportunities, events and activities and develop fully as an individual
  • Complete all homework tasks effectively, meeting the deadline set
  • Set realistic and achievable goals for themselves academically, socially, or personally
  • Persevere, even when work is challenging
  • Seek assistance when they face difficulties or need guidance
  • Embrace mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn
  • Strive to earn house points

Be Kind

  • Be respectful to everyone in our school, showing empathy and compassion
  • Look after themselves and others at school, at home and online
  • Take responsibility for their actions and be accountable for their choices
  • Promote equality and inclusion, and value diversity and difference
  • Be an excellent ambassador for The Charter School North Dulwich and demonstrate leadership in their conduct inside and outside school
  • Express gratitude and appreciation towards their teachers, school staff and peers

Do The Right Thing

  • Arrive at school by 8:25am and attend all lessons on time
  • Carry the correct equipment for each lesson - be prepared to learn
  • Wear the correct school uniform including PE kit
  • Keep their phones and other electronic devices turned off and in bottom of bag (if seen or heard it will be confiscated for one week)
  • Treat the school and its property with respect
  • Follow staff instructions, first time, every time
  • Always follow the school behaviour policy
  • Attend detentions when required
  • Put their litter in the bin

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