During Lockdown 2, the MFL department ran The L-Factor Foreign Language Singing Contest.

We had 20 entries from students and 7 from teachers. The singing was performed in many different languages, including Korean and Japanese.The winner in the Best Performance category was Sandro, Y13,  singing in Russian with his mum.

The performance went out on the school's Twitter feed https://twitter.com/TCSLanguages/status/1369266406072717313?s=20 - and is an absolute delight.

The winners received a £10 Amazon Voucher and a certificate.

Here are the winners and runners-up in all categories:

Inter Form

Ayla (7F) - Best Singing Voice

Dylan (7G) - Best pronunciation

Debbie (7F) - Best Performance

Inter House

Best Performance

Winner: Sandro Y13

Second place: Mayalen Y13

Best Singing Voice

Winner: Beatrice, Y8

Second place: Giacomo Y10

Best Pronunciation

Winner: Stacey, Y13

Second place: Imogen, Y13T

here was also a separate category for teachers - judged by students - and Mr Graignic won in all categories.

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