On Friday 14th June, Nico, Rosa, Akanni, Boa, Asia and Mr Malloy strolled down to our neighbouring Charter East school for an enriching day of science with seventeen other Year 9s from Charter East, Dunraven and Elmgreen. The STEM workshop was accredited by the Industrial Cadets, with each finalist being given a Challenger Award, a nationally recognised award that demonstrates a unique insight into industry.

Our students thrived in new teams, collaborating efficiently with the students from other schools. Air quality sensors were made, research was carried out, raspberry pi's were coded and the air quality in Goose Green was tested - all leading to an exciting batch of presentations which sprung up innovative ideas about cleaning the air based on data, and an interesting exploration of the overlap between DT, politics and computing.  Our students engaged and participated wonderfully, really earning their Challenger Awards.

Thank you to Mums for Lungs for helping to organise this event.

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