This week, fifty students ranging from Years 10 to 13 delved into the realm of investment banking at a workshop hosted by JP Morgan, the renowned investment bank. The event, organized by The Diversity Org, a global non-profit dedicated to empowering underrepresented students, proved to be an enlightening experience for the aspiring young minds.

The initiative by The Diversity Org aims to bridge the gap between students and prestigious multi-billion pound brands, offering them insights into lucrative career paths they might not have previously been aware of. Through interactive workshops, students had the opportunity to cultivate essential professional skills while gaining invaluable knowledge about a plethora of career options.

Engaging with industry leaders, the participants honed their networking skills and gained insights into potential internships and job prospects, setting a solid foundation for their future endeavours.

In an afternoon session, the focus shifted towards addressing the prevalent issue of "Imposter Syndrome," a challenge that resonates with many staff and parents alike. Through discussions and practical exercises, students were equipped with strategies to navigate and overcome this psychological barrier, empowering them to confidently pursue their aspirations.

Meanwhile, the Year 10 Future Frontier programme continued to unfold with students reconnecting with their mentors from AtkinsRealis. Fifteen enthusiastic students are set to embark on a series of four career exploration sessions alongside their dedicated industry coaches. These sessions will culminate in personalized, one-to-one career advice meetings, facilitating meticulous planning for their post-16 pathways.

Excitement brews among the students as they eagerly anticipate their upcoming encounters with sector role models next week. These role models, hailing from various industries and professions, promise to offer invaluable insights and inspiration as the students chart their paths towards a fulfilling future.

The workshop at JP Morgan served as a testament to the school's commitment to providing comprehensive support and opportunities for its students, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of careers.

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