This summer, the Art department and the Design Technology department proudly displayed the work of GCSE and A level students in the school atrium. This represented the work of over 150 students and showcased examples of Fine Art, Photography, Product design and Textiles coursework.

In Design and Technology and Textiles, GCSE students were given three themes by the exam board and had to design a product, choosing one of the categories. A level students developed their own design brief based on the wants and needs of a chosen client. This resulted in a wide variety of projects from a dress upcycled from an umbrella to various items of furniture recycled from wooden palettes. A skateboard ramp, jewellery, coffee tables, a collapsible scooter and foldable skateboard, lighting and music players, were just some of the solutions that students developed.

In Fine Art GCSE and A level, students have displayed their creative abilities in response to a series of themes. They have worked independently using a wide range of technique and mediums, such as film, animation, photography, textiles, print, painting, ceramics, casting. Most notable, were several A level students, who created ambitious 3D and installation work.

In Photography this year's students have refined the ability to take exceptional images. At the same time, they have responded to challenging concepts in a range of creative presentation techniques considering the viewer.

This was an exceptional year for practical and creative outcomes using a wide variety of materials and processes. We are proud of all the students for their hard work and commitment, which I think this is clear from the results.

You can watch the Art Showreel here.

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