Curriculum Intent

Every student is entitled to an empowering space safe to develop as an individual. PSHE lies at the heart of this development

and the curriculum provides students with an increasing depth of knowledge for each of the key stages.

Students learn to know and understand the positive effects of good relationships on their mental wellbeing, identify when relationships are not healthy, and understand how such relationships can be managed. This concept of healthy relationships runs like a golden thread throughout the curriculum in modules such as 'Health and Wellbeing' (developing a healthy relationship with food), 'Living in the Wider World' unit such as building healthy connections with others in your community) and 'Relationships and Sex Education' unit (how to spot a coercive and damaging relationship). Local health data also informs key parts of the curriculum and the knowledge that will help build the foundations for healthy, happy lives regardless of our students' starting points or personal circumstances.

The PSHE curriculum is taught through a mix of timetabled lessons, tailored drop-down sessions and weekly tutor time sessions. 

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