Bonjour! It was a merry affair for thirty-five Year 8 students as they embarked on a delightful journey to the Christmas Markets in Lille & Arras, Northern France, on Wednesday, 6th, and Thursday, 7th December.

Day 1 was filled with enchanting experiences as students delved into history at the Wellington Tunnels Museum, where they learned about The Battle of Arras in WWI. From there, they immersed themselves in the festive spirit at the Arras Christmas Market, showcasing their French skills while selecting charming traditional presents and indulging in delectable treats. The day continued with a sojourn to Lille, where students checked into their hotel, savoured a delectable dinner at a French restaurant, and indulged in a friendly bowling game.

Day 2 dawned with refreshed spirits and a hearty French breakfast, setting the stage for a captivating tour of Lille's main attractions. The highlight of the day awaited at the Lille Christmas Market, where students revelled in further festive delights and made memorable purchases. As the trip drew to a close, a sweet finale awaited at a waffle factory during the journey back to Calais, where students were treated to a first-hand lesson in waffle-making and, of course, the irresistible opportunity to taste their creations.

Reflecting on their adventure, both students and teachers expressed sheer delight at their time spent in France, with Ms. Boquet exclaiming, "C’était super!" Wishing everyone a Joyeux Noël and spreading the joy of the season, this spirited escapade to the Christmas Markets was truly one to remember.

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