What happens when students argue back? We are thrilled to announce that our school's Year 7 to Year 10 Debate Club has emerged victorious in the inter-school debating competition for the second consecutive year! This year's event, organized by the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership and Debate Mate,  featured teams from Elmgreen, Charter East, Charter Bermondsey, Westminster School, Kingsdale, and Dulwich College.

Under the guidance of their manager, Louis G (Year 10), the team worked tirelessly, honing their arguments and delivery. After being unbeaten through the day, in the final round, they debated "This house would recommend using AI in Politics" against a Year 10 team from Westminster School. Their nuanced understanding and clear articulation secured their victory.

Congratulations to our Debate Club Team members: Henry R (Year 7), Manny SL (Year 8), Eva B-A (Year 7), Elsa S (Year 7), Freya M (Year 9), and Benji P-M (Year 9).

Debate Club, run by Mr. Goswami every Monday from 3.05 pm to 4.05 pm, is an excellent platform for developing communication skills, confidence, and empathy. Mr. Goswami proudly commented, "Two-time winners! I'm so proud of our debaters; they develop into fierce competitors while maintaining composure and politeness. Communication and confidence will be invaluable in their futures, and Debate Club is truly the best extra-curricular activity at Charter North!"

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