Over 40 people attended last week's Parent Forum at school where Headteacher, Mr Hicks, shared the results from the latest school surveys and updated everyone on the school's current position.

Thank you to everyone who joined the Parent Forum.  We greatly value parental feedback and we have used it to inform you on our plans for the Spring Term.

The agenda for the forum was:

1.       Chair of Governors Update (5m)

2.       General Update (10m)  

3.       Parent Survey Feedback (15m)

4.       Citizens UK Anti-Racism Project Update (10m)  

TCSND provided an update at the Parent Forum on our Citizens UK Project, which forms a central part of our important anti-racism work as a school.  In addition, Claire Arkwright, the Citizens UK Organiser, will be hosting a parent listening exercise on Zoom on Wednesday 16th December 6.00-7.30pm.  This will be a great opportunity for parents to discuss their lived experiences relating to race and racial justice, and I would strongly urge as many parents to attend this meeting as possible by accessing the following link: https://cuk.zoom.us/j/3834509587. If you have any questions about the project, please email Claire at claire.arkwright@citizensuk.org.

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