Over the past couple of years, amidst diligent preparation and determination, our current Year 13 cohort have embarked on a journey aimed at securing coveted places at the prestigious University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge.  

A total of 32 students, comprising 27 current Year 13s and 5 former students, submitted Oxbridge applications:  15 applications for Oxford and 17 for Cambridge.  

After successfully completing admissions tests, 8 Oxford and 15 Cambridge applicants were invited to interview, with students undergoing a rigorous interview process of between one and three interviews in December.  

We are thrilled to be able to share that on January 9th, Oxford extended offers to 5 out of the 8 students interviewed.  The successful candidates will grace the halls of renowned colleges such as St. Catherine's, Worcester, Merton, Somerville, and Wadham.

Subsequently, on January 24th, Cambridge revealed its decisions, offering places to 5 out of the 15 students interviewed. The recipients of these prestigious offers will embark on their academic pursuits at esteemed colleges including Girton, St. John's, Churchill, Pembroke, and Emmanuel.

While celebrating the achievements of those who secured offers, we are incredibly proud of the remarkable efforts of all Oxbridge applicants, and recognise the fantastic achievement of those who made it to the interview stage. Regardless of the outcome, each student's journey is a testament to their dedication and resilience, qualities that will undoubtedly propel them toward future success. We are certain that all students will go on to do brilliant things at whichever destination they ultimately choose. Congratulations to all!

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